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A step-by-step guide, information, templates and tools for start-ups

Starting business assistance

For start-ups, we offer a wide range of services. For example, this website offers a step-by-step plan for new entrepreneurs, information on writing business plans and several templates for business plans. Additionally we offer free practical information for professional entrepreneurship, online services, such as an online administration program or online support for both start-ups and established businesses.

You can ask for support in setting up your business directly on this website. In many cases this can be carried out entirely on line, keeping your costs low. However it is also an option to make use of consultancy services at a discounted rate. These services are performed by our partners or by our own staff. In short, new and existing businesses can count on us for a wide range of services that include information, templates, online advice and interim support.

Wizard for starting businesses

There is a lot to think of when starting up a business. The registration at the Chamber of Commerce is only one of the first steps, but before and after that there are many other matters to be considered. These range from validating an "idea" to organizing the administrative processes.

Business Plans

A well-thought-out business plan is undoubtedly the most important factor for the success of starting businesses. It contributes to looking at all the aspects of a business in a systematical manner. As a result, the entrepreneur's talents are brought to the fullest possible potential. On this website you can find information on how to create a business plan and you also can download several free templates. We can also support you "online" in writing or refining your business plan.


Wij bieden online informatie en tools op het gebied van ondernemen. Daarnaast bieden wij remote en on site advies.

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