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The difference between a profile and a page is not always clear for businesses that are just starting to use Facebook. A profile is actually a bulletin board on which all kinds of things can be shared. The number of friends is also displayed here. A company page does not show the number of "friends", but the number of "likes". On a Facebook profile you can decide with whom you share. On a Facebook page, messages are always public. A page can never be created without a profile. You must first create a profile. In there you can create pages.

Create a page

Here below is a simple description of the steps to set up a business Facebook Page.

  • Ensure you have created a profile.
  • Go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
  • Here you can read from various options such as:
    • page local business
    • page company, organization or institution
    • page brand or product

    The first and second option are most suitable for businesses.
  • Choose a name for your page related to your company/product
  • Now you must agree to the terms and conditions below in order to proceed.
  • Select a profile picture for your company that is clearly recognisable for (potential) customers. This could, for example, be your company logo.
  • In the next step you can share your page with your "Facebook friends". This is only possible once.
  • In the last step you can add your website and a description of the page. Remember to provide a good description that covers the contents. This way the quality of the traffic to the page gets better.

Some important considerations for a business page on Facebook

As is the case with websites as well, the top part of a page (above the fold) is most viewed.

  • Make sure that the most important content (links, etc.) are at the top of the page.
  • Determine a clear goal for the page. What do you want to achieve with the page (brand awareness, updates, presentation of new products, etc.)?
  • Ensure the profile photo contributes to the achievement of the goal.
  • Make sure the information (video, text, photo, blog, etc.) at the top of the page adds value to the visitor and supports the objectives you set.
  • Sometimes it can be usefull to also work with "tabs" (frames). This way you can have a kind of mini webpage. For this you need to install an application after having logged into your Facebook account. Click here to install this add-on.


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